Year End Warranty Inspection

If you did not carry out your New Home inspection during construction, I highly advocate that you conduct a Year End Tarion Warranty Inspection, prior to the ending of the first year of possession of your New Home. Year-End Tarion Warranty Inspection (One-year warranty inspection) is comparable to P.D.I. (Pre-Delivery Home Inspection) except that, it is executed near the end of the initial year from the time of residence.

Year-End Tarion Warranty Inspection (One-year warranty inspection) is an all-inclusive home inspection that addresses nearly all of the visually accessible elements and systems in the home, including the roof construction and shingles, foundation, electrical scheme, plumbing system, heat and air conditioning systems, all built-in home equipment, all plumbing fixtures, windows and doors, brick facade and other siding, insulation and roof ventilation, fireplaces, garage, interior walls, ceilings and flooring construction, swimming pools, spas and sprinkler systems. This type of house inspection is accomplished to make sure that the issues with the 30 days warrantee inspection have totally been resolve. Moreover, throughout the course of the primary year, various things may well go off beam, as the house has had time to reconcile and settle.

One Year-End Tarion Warranty Inspection (One-year warranty inspection) is the ideal chance for a complete house inspection, once again, to make sure nothing is missed. It may also be the ultimate possibility intended for you, the property owner, to have most of the deficiencies repaired under warranty (Structure is normally covered for seven years). It is vital that this kind of home inspection is executed effectively if you need to resolve the problems.

If any main defects are present we will get digital photographs of the flaw in order to document.  We recommend that you be present at the home inspection or at the very least are there at the closing stages in order for us to be able to confer concerning any imperfections found. This is very important consequently that you will be able to pinpoint whether the circumstance was taken care of by your builder. We are able to always go back to your house if asked in order to validate repairs at an additional cost.

Afshin Eftekhari, at New Trend Home Inspection Inc. is a qualified home inspector and conducts his home inspections with the premier principles of  NACHI.

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