New Trend Commercial Inspection Services

We offer comprehensive building inspections for all types of commercial building from small and medium properties such as live/work combination units, low rise single to multiple unit commercial buildings.

All major systems of the building are inspected and reported on. A detailed description of the condition of all systems is reported on. All building components are inspected including the Structure, Exterior Wall Cladding, Roof system, Electrical System, Heating System, Air Conditioning System, Ventilation System, Plumbing System and Fixtures, Interior Components (Non Cosmetic), Visible Insulation, Landscape Components such as Walkways, Driveways and Retaining Walls.

Our clients are investors, lenders, government agencies, business owners, realtors, lawyers, and property managers. All require thorough, detailed and accurate inspections. For each of our clients, an inspection provides the basis for a business decisions.


Why do you need an inspection?

There are several reasons for commercial building inspections. Here are just a few:

Pre-purchase: We are all familiar with this situation. A person, a group of people or an organization is about to purchase a building and want to know the condition before purchasing. Our report provides purchasers with an idea of the building condition and the costs involved with owning the building in the short term. Reports are often used to negotiate the purchase price.

Pre-sale: Often a wise business that is sell their building (s) will complete an inspected to eliminate last minute negotiations with the purchaser. An understanding of your building will avoid potential drawn-out negotiations with buyers.

The Net Net Net: In a triple-net lease, the person leasing the building is responsible for the upkeep of the building. For a new building with a short-term lease, this is not typically a concern; however, for buildings over ten years old or for long-term leases, the building condition and cost of upkeep are concerns.

Pre-lease inspection: The lessor (person receiving the rent) of a commercial building may request the inspection to obtain documented evidence of the condition of the building before leasing it out. This serves both the lessee (occupant who pays the rent) and the lessor.

The lessee may request the inspection to ensure the building will be suitable for their needs and to protect themselves from claims by the landlord that they damaged or failed to maintain the building.

Post- lease inspection: This is similar to the pre-lease situation, but the lessor wants to determine the condition after the triple-net tenant leaves.

Types commercial buildings

Industrial buildings

Are typically single-story buildings with an office in the front and a warehouse or production facility at the back?

Retail store

There is a wide range of retail stores. Some are just residential buildings with a storefront. Other retail stores will be much larger, with systems that are more typical of other commercial buildings.

Office buildings

These, again, may be small, residential-like structures or tall towers. In addition to the basic inspection, the following specialty inspection services will often be required: