alt We provide our clients with an unbiased and comprehensible overview of the physical condition of your property. We put our extensive knowledge in building construction, innovative techniques, and science in combination with the standard of NACHI to ensure that your property inspection not only meet the standards but to EXCEED them.

New Trend Home Inspection Inc. assists buyers in minimizing unforeseen problems and costs. Studies indicate that once a home inspector is able to present components and systems of the home that could pose problems, then the buyer can save approximately 10 times more than the cost of the home inspection, because they are warned of the concerns and problems before closing the deal before these things get worse.

Our Home inspection services include:

Pre-purchase inspection - Pre-Purchase Inspections are for people who are considering buying a re-sale home. Usually, the inspection company will receive a call from a real-estate agent or individual client requesting a home inspection. With pre-purchase inspections the client has the option to wave the inspection by signing a release form provided by the real-estate agent. By signing this release, the real-estate agent will not be liable for any problems or deficiencies the home may have. However, most agents will encourage the client to book an inspection to avoid any unforeseen problems. After all, buying a house will be the biggest single investment that most people make in there lifetime. When you buy a car you need to have it certified with an inspection from top to bottom, so why not protect yourself when buying a home which usually costs about ten times as much?

Pre-listing inspection – Pre-listing inspections are for people who want to prepare their house before placing it on the market. Having a pre-listing inspection will give the home owner a distinct advantage. A pre-listing inspection will give the homeowner a heads up as to what repairs are needed to get the home ready for an easy sale. A client that is looking for a quick sale with little or no hassles will have this inspection done to prepare the home for the real estate market.

Walk through inspection – Walk through inspections have become popular in recent years. A walk through inspection is ideal for people that are considering buying a house but just can't afford a full inspection. A walk through inspection is also great for people that know that the house is in good shape, but just want some peace of mind. It is also great for clients in areas where bidding wars take place, and they client may have inspector to inspect four or five properties before landing themselves a property. This can end up saving the clients hundreds of dollars, since there is no need for a full inspection if the clients may not even get the house. What is involved in a walk through inspection? The inspection takes on average 1 to 2 hours to complete, which makes real-estate agents very happy. The client makes notes as the inspector explains the problems, and there is no report to fill out at the end of the inspection.

Pre-delivery inspection (P.D.I. or PDI) – Pre-delivery inspections are designed for clients purchasing brand new homes. A pre-delivery inspection or P.D.I. for short, takes place just before the home owner takes possession of the property. It give the buyer a chance to view the home before moving in, and it is very important that all deficiencies are listed in the report. There will be a representative from the builder in attendance who will also fill out a report or checklist to keep track of all the problems. This inspection will usually take longer than a regular home inspection. That is why we suggest the conduction of PDI takes place after closing. This will prevent a conflict among Builder's inspection rush, Closing paperwork time and Our Inspection. You have about one month to take advantage of the 30 days Tarion Warrantee so it's best not to rush and have a sufficient time to go over everything.

Year End warranty inspection (One-year Warranty Inspection) – One year warranty inspection is much like a P.D.I., except that it takes place towards the end of the first year anniversary of the date of possession. This inspection is done to ensure that the issues of 30 days warrantee inspection have been corrected by the builder. Additionally, over the course of a year many things can start to go wrong because the house has had time to settle, so this is a good opportunity to have the house inspected once again so that nothing is missed. This is the last chance for the homeowner to have most of their deficiencies repaired under warranty (Some are covered for seven years). It is vital that this inspection is done properly if the client wants to resolve their problems.

New home Phase inspection – New home phased inspections are requested by a client who is purchasing a brand new home, and really wants to make sure the home is constructed properly. This type of inspection takes place in stages during each step of the building process. This will require several visits to the site by the home inspector until the home is completed. Please note that some builders do not allow inspections, therefore, it has to arranged by the client.

Renovation inspection – A.K.A. Renovation Deficiency Inspection, is requested by the owner after (or in some cases during) a renovation or a remodeling project to ensure the house is structurally sound and functional. It is also common when there is a disagreement between the contractor and its client, mostly due to utilization of Sub-standard materials, poor workmanship or jobs left unfinished.

Seasonal inspection – Seasonal inspections are typically requested by a home owner to help prepare the home or cottage before winter. This type of inspection also gives the client some insight towards repairs that may be required after a long hard winter. A seasonal inspection can be much like a full inspection, or as little as just inspecting one part or area of the home.

Preventive maintenance inspection – Preventive maintenance inspections are designed for the home owner to give some peace of mind that everything is working and in top shape. It is better to catch a small problem before it becomes a major repair.

Rough Estimate – This is a very special service offered by New Trend Home Inspection Inc. Once the property inspection is completed, we can VERBALLY provide you with a rough estimate of the required repairs on your property. This is crutial in your decision making, because it will give you an opportunity to truly assess the current state of your home and make an educated decision.

New Trend Home Inspection Inc. offers its services in Toronto & GTA Area, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Thornhill, Brampton, Mississauga, Aurora, and Newmarket. If you need a home inspection performed, don't settle for anything less than a New Trend Home NACHI-certified home inspector.